Sugar Fixe Macaron Lincoln Park Chicago

Sugar Fixé

authentic french pastries in a charming atmosphere

A gourmet French pastry shop, Sugar Fixé creates delicious pastries that combine classic European traditions with American styles. All pastries are made from scratch using high quality, natural ingredients.  Proudly serving La Colombe coffee and espresso.  Located in Lincoln Park and Oak Park.


Lincoln Park Menu


Usual Flavors

Salted Caramel
Pink Champagne

Seasonal Flavors

   Cranberry Champagne
   Hot Chocolate

   Vanilla Chai
   White Chocolate Lavender

Call for daily availability

Our treats are now available on demand  via delivery by Postmates! Order for yourself or a gift for a friend. 

Our treats are now available on demand  via delivery by Postmates! Order for yourself or a gift for a friend. 

Singles  |  $2.00 each
20+ | $1.90 each
100+ | $1.85 each
250+ | $1.80 each

Gift Boxes
  5  |  $10
  10  |  $20
  20  |  $38

  Clear Cube w/ 2 macarons  |  $5.25
  Cellophane Bag w/2 macarons  |  $4.50
  Cellophane Bag w/3 macarons  |  $6.50

  12" Tower, 50-55 macarons  |  $145
  24" Tower, 85-90 macarons  |  $235


Dessert Macarons

Chocolate Birthday Cake Macaron  |  $6.50
Strawberry Birthday Cake Macaron|  $6.50
Tiramisu Macaron | $6.50


Lemon Vanilla Shortbread | $3
Chocolate Raspberry Shortbread | $3
Rice Krispie Treat | $3.75
Frosted Sugar Cookie | $2.50


Cake Pops (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet) | $2.00
Frosted Blondie | $3
Frosted Brownie | $3
Cake Verrines (seasonal flavors) | $3
Oatmeal Cream Cookie | $3

Allergy Considerations

All of our pastries are produced in a small kitchen with shared equipment.  We use tree nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, and corn in many of our recipes.  We do not use peanuts in our bakery, but it is possible that ingredients we use came from a facility that processes peanuts.

We have some recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and/or nut-free, and we take measures to prevent co-mingling of ingredients, but there is always a chance of cross contamination.

We pride ourselves on using all-natural ingredients in our recipes.  The one exception is food coloring.  While natural food colors are becoming more common, they don't yet provide the vibrance and range of colors that our customers request.  We are hoping to see improvements in the near future as food manufacturers continue to spend R&D on natural colorants.

Background image by Regan Baroni.